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Web Design & SEO

Web Design

Web Design & SEO

Corporate Websites

The corporate website has become a great deal in the digital space. It represents the company to the outside world and is now a big factor in the decision-making process. It doesn’t matter if a client needs a new website or just a rework of an old one. We start with the requirements engineering process and analyze the target audience. After we created a system specification multiple prototypes are created before the actual development. If our client approves a prototype we start with the development including the user interface design, user experience design and functionality implementation. Homepages are usually based on modern content management systems, so the client can change the content in an easy manner whenever it’s necessary. Those systems also include the ability to create a blog, which can be used to deploy content marketing campaigns.

eCommerce Shops

Corporate websites can also include a web shop. The internet as a point of sale became a very important part of the retails business due to smaller costs and more scalability. If clients want to enter the eCommerce space we create individual digital commerce strategies for them. After that we implement the web shop in the existing website or create a distinct one depending on the strategy. A very important part of the eCommerce eco-system is the conversion rate optimization. Continuous monitoring analyzes the user behaviour and why visitors do not finish the sales process. Appropriate changes and optimizations improve this issue gradually. If our clients have existing ERP systems we can integrate the web shop to them as well.

Search Engine Optimization

In contrast to search engine advertising search engine optimization leads to organic traffic. A website is optimized for certain keywords to rank higher in the most popular search engines. This means that qualified leads visit the site and are more likely to be converted than normal traffic. We start the optimization with research of keywords to optimize. Keywords have to be relevant to the page and should also have a decent monthly search volume. Another important factor is the competition. There are many sites, which can not be outranked by normal pages. The optimization itself consists of onpage-optimization and offpage-optimization. The onpage-optimization includes optimizing the meta information, the content and the internal linkage. Offpage-optimization is about getting other websites to link to the own. This is achieved by reaching out to influencers, public relation management, etc.

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