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Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Web Application Development

If a digital project is more about functionality and less about presentation there are more parts to evaluate. Which technologies will be used to work on it? Which skills have to be provided by developers to solve problems efficiently? We answer every important question for our client with sophisticated requirements engineering techniques. After all requirements have been obtained the development process can start. We create the user interface, user experience and functionality for the front-end as well as the back-end.  It is very important to pay close attention to the wishes of the customer in every part of the project. By creating prototypes upfront and developing in a dynamic project management paradigm we ensure that our clients get what they expect. After the development is done many tests are executed to ensure the quality of the product. Continuous maintenance and improvement of the applications perfect the development process to come up with outstanding results.

Desktop Applications

Native applications offer a number of advantages for our clients. They provide better security than web applications due to the restriction of connectivity. This also implicates that no internet connection is needed to execute these applications.  Another benefit is the usability in intranet networks. Groupware and project management software can be included for the access to other business applications. We employ developers with skills in various programming languages. Java can be used to create platform independent applications which will work on Windows, Linux and Mac. Hardware-related software – like industry 4.0 apps – can be realized by our in-house C++ developers. This are just two of an endless number of possibilities. The development covers the client-side as well as the server-side of those applications.


Customer Relation Management has become an important part of user-centric companies. We elaborate the right system for our clients by all given metrics and set it up professionally. This means that the CRM will be inter-connected with all existing applications and campaigns to reach its full potential. Multiple analyses of customers and their behaviour can be created and the sales process optimized accordingly. This process can help to improve the conversion funnel of a business leading to personalized customer experience. Furthermore data about customers can be used to determine the group with the best Key Performance Indicator. This enables the company to optimize the targeting appropriately to the Pareto principle. These are just some examples of the big advantages of CRM systems.

Pikes Peak Infrastructure

We create specific server software for systems which experience heavy loads from time to time with big delays. These systems have relatively low loads during normal service, which don’t require much computing power on the server-side. Our software enables companies to handle the big loads by holding the same low server capacity. This is done by dynamically delegate functions to remote cloud services and fetching the results afterwards. Persistent data that is generated during this routine will be synchronized when the systems load starts to decrease. Our Pikes Peak Infrastructure is by far the cheapest way of handling this problem.

Pikes peak illustration

Our software doesn’t make any difference on usual low loads but it helps greatly during high loads. It is just the same behaviour as a common car turbocharger.

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