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Social Media Care & Content Marketing

Social Media & Content Marketing

Social Media Care & Content Marketing

Most businesses already created a social media page. The problem is that those pages are created out of peer pressure and not to boost sales. Our approach is a completely different. We want to build active communities around companies and use those to generate sales. Content marketing is a very important part of this process because loyal followings are not built by constantly posting own products. The right approach is to create sophisticated content strategies and execute them on a fixed schedule. If customers feel the value given to them, they will start to build trust which will allow to generate a significant amount of sales. This can be done by a custom-made landing page for example. This process works in the B2C space as well as the B2B space.

Social Media Care

If you want to get the most out of your social media activities, our professional team will take care of your pages. The first step is to analyze company and product specific characteristics like target audience and already existing digital assets. After that we will create an appropriate social media strategy to grow the community and how to leverage it as soon as it is big enough. Then we will start to post at least one posting a week and constantly analyze the behaviour of the page. The postings include custom-made images, videos and even executing competitions on request. Additionally continuous monitoring of the page allows constant optimizing of the efficiency. Proactive community management and social response management will be used to create a loyal following. The client is still able to post now and then, but generally no work is needed anymore from its side.

Optionally we create a complete design of a new social media page. The given information will be optimized for the right target audience and displayed on the page. In addition images for the cover and profile picture will be created respecting the corporate design and guidelines.

If a company does not want to give away to work on a social media page themselves, they can use our social media consulting to improve its results. We additionally offer social media advertising to utilize the full power of social ads and precision targeting.

Content Marketing

In order to trigger great results a great content strategy is needed. This begins by analyzing existing digital assets and target audiences. After that the right type of content has to be evaluated. Because content marketing doesn’t stop with writing good pieces of content, ways of distributing those are needed. A good way for this would be one of our digital marketing offers. We look for communication channels which are fitting the defined target audience. After a sophisticated strategy has been created we start to craft and spread the specified content. It doesn’t matter if it is deployed on an own blog, Medium or other platforms. Public relations can also be considered content marketing and be a part of a thought-through content strategy.

The last part is continuous monitoring to watch what works and what doesn’t. This way the whole strategy is formed into an efficient sales machine.

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