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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Apps can play an important role in the brand establishment of a company. They help the user to interact with the product or service of a company where ever he/she wants. Mobile applications also save energy and data volume by saving the main structure and just loading the dynamic parts. They simplify the interaction with the company and speed up loading times compared to mobile friendly websites.

The Mobile Revolution

The digital world has reached a state where developers have to create in a mobile first manner. More people are accessing the internet via mobile devices than with a computer.  This trend will not only continue but will stop at a mobile only eco-system. Companies have to switch gradually from big screen applications to tight and simple ones. We try to create simple and thought-through mobile applications for iOS and Android for every target audience. It is very important that the user enjoys how the app works in order to make it successful and used. Our social media care is a cost efficient way to promote the created app to the masses.

Augmented Reality Applications

The rise of augmented and virtual reality has begun. Although the virtual reality is far from consumer ready, augmented reality has become a real thing. There are endless possibilities how a company can benefit from those apps. Retail stores can provide more information about their products, production companies can show employees how machines are handled and much more. Augmented reality connects virtual extensions with objects in the real world. So technologies like RFC, NFC, bar codes and the likes can be used to deliver such services with precision and on a reliable basis.

Mobile Point of Sale Applications

Payment methods are getting better every day and businesses have to keep up with the possibilities. Mobile applications – in this section – can significantly speed up payment processes and save work time for employees. Loyalty cards get obsolete with the use of digital customer identifier and the collection of data gets easier. This data can be used to create statistics and optimize sales strategies. Comfort is also improved and security can be provided through new and secure technologies and encryption techniques. There are many possibilities of such applications in the sales process.

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