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Digital Marketing & Branding

Digital Marketing & Branding

Digital Marketing & Branding

The story telling of a brand is accomplished by many different touch points. The goal is no longer to communicate to a broad audience but to communicate with a specific community. Brands are built with giving a lot of value in advance and asking after trust has been established. Personality and corporate design serve the greater cause of recognition in the eye of the customer. We try to make brands stand out of the mass and make them unique gems of their respective company.

Conversion Funnel Management

Every customer has a unique path of buying a product. Customers are reached through a variety of ways. After a company has caught their attention they are able to acquire them by getting an interaction from them. This is accomplished by re-targeting them on their surfing path. The next step is to convert the acquired people to buy the actual product. After something has been bought, the customer has to keep interested in interacting with the company. The last step is to create loyal followers, which are passionate about the business and promote it for no cost. We design a distinct conversion funnels for every type of customer and create marketing systems, which reach those as good as possible.

Influencer Marketing

The cooperation with famous personalities has always been an ideal opportunity to leverage reach. The difficulty with online-celebrities is to find the right target audience. Which demographic fits the product? Which content is produced by the influencer on a day-to-day basis? Does my company fit to those metrics and is enough reach generated for a fair price? We support our clients with broad know-how in this area. From research across the contacting to the execution of the campaign everything is covered.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a specifically created site, which aims to convert as many visitors as possible. It is mostly the target of an advertisement link or banner and created just for the respective audience of that ad. The page displays a specific product, which can be showed in greater detail and with more gimmicks than normal banners. This site has a response element integrated to allow the user to subscribe to an email newsletter, buy the product, get more information, etc. The conversion rate – the percentage of the visitors that respond – can be measured and optimized at a steady manner. This makes the money spent on ads more and more efficient and can boost sales at a significant rate.

Search Engine Advertising

The aim of SEA is to improve the visibility for given keywords in search engines. In the contrary to SEO generated traffic, which is called organic traffic, paid traffic is more scalable and can be managed better. An important part is to research fitting keywords which have a decent monthly search volume and are not over-priced. The placement of a search engine advertisement causes the targeted site to be displayed at the top of the results. Cost and value of those ads always have to be measured in combination with the conversion rate and individual profit.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a predestined platform for advertising in any shape or form. On top of conventional content strategies, paid advertising can be used for a broad variety of reasons. Possible audiences could be customers, employees, influencers, journalists or the public. The main advantage of social media platforms is the ability to target people at a very accurate manner. Our goal is to create advertising campaigns where no money is spent from our clients for people who are not interested in the offer anyway.

Email Marketing

Subscription lists and email marketing campaigns can be used to keep the customer excited. It doesn’t matter if it is a newsletter with valuable content or a reminder that there are still items in the shopping cart and an exclusive discount is offered. Email marketing improves the conversion rate by a significant rate and communicates with the customer on a personal level. We create unique email templates and effective marketing campaigns for our customers to measurably boost sales and keep customers informed.

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