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Delivering the full digital package


What we do.

The digital world is ever evolving. It demands professionalism and know-how. This demand is covered by our one-stop agency.

Our goal is to help companies expand into the digital world. This means individual consulting, custom-made strategies and razor-sharp execution.

We create astonishing homepages, effective performance marketing plans and help companies handle their social media pages. The main objective is to create these touch points to achieve measurable success. Another important service is the development of custom software and mobile applications including Industry 4.0 apps.

The difference to conventional web development agencies is our expertise in all areas within digital marketing. Outstanding homepages cannot be created anymore without the appropriate knowledge in different areas. Effective social media pages need continuous support, creative skills and appropriate marketing knowledge in order to achieve set goals. Software is not only developed by tech-savvy programmers, but also by UX-artists and UI-developers. We bundle all those different valuable sources and create the best possible digital experience for our customers and with our customers.

  • We create systems that are greater than the sum of their parts.

    Johannes Fladenhofer
    Johannes FladenhoferCEO

How we work.

We try to reach the highest possible quality with our products and offer the most competitive price in the business.

The reason why we achieve these goals is the way we operate.

For every sub-category in online marketing there is an expert. A professional, which only executes or plans a particular product on a day-to-day basis. This person is able to do this task more efficiently, less defective and with greater quality than someone, who works on multiple things at once.

We employ a large network of freelancers and sub-companies, which are specialized in their respective field. By compiling project teams with these professionals and additional project managers, it is possible to get every task executed in the most efficient way possible.

In addition to this elaborated process, our upper management guides all teams with  the omnipresent business objective of connecting the dots between different online marketing systems and creating the perfect product appropriate to the occasion.

In contrast to our operational structures we also employ sales people all over the world. This ensures that every customer who works with us knows exactly how we operate and what to expect. Customer focus is one of our big principles.

Who we are.

Netwings originated in Attnang-Puchheim, Austria.

Starting as a web design company for small retail businesses, we gradually evolved to a one-stop digital marketing agency for SMBs. Today, with our second office in Vienna, we work with customers with very different professions and sizes.

The company stands for the passion of bringing products and services to the audience they deserve.

Until today Attnang-Puchheim has remained a very important part of the company’s history and is still a special place regarding the working atmosphere and social environment.

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